back links: One of the most frequently used medium in the marketing world these days is electronic mail. Both fast, both are used as effective active in almost all sectors due to the economic being. According to a survey conducted by the Radicati Group, in 2014 the number of email accounts used in the world was 4.116 million. These accounts are used by 2,504 unique users. According to the same study, daily e-mail traffic was 196.3 billion pieces of our world. Here, the important thing for us, the message of the 108.7 billion (55% of total e-mail traffic) is that messages related to business. It’s widely used in the media is increasingly being used by all the marketing. A survey conducted by the Marketing Cloud, with email marketing has revealed that 73% of marketers see as the main marketing channel. The research conducted in recent opening of many different email campaign (reads) the average rate of 20%, the click connection (routing) revealed that while the average rate of 5%. When considering all these statistics, to be crowned head of marketing with email marketers is unavoidable. Exactly at this point, our country entered into force on May 1 ’Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce’ with important arrangements have been made for the use of email marketing purposes. Many questions arise in this regard in recent years tried to answer the following for you 13731

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