Shaking gourd crab or tiger crab fish, tiger fish gourd is a form of gambling game popular in Vietnam. Vietnamese people often participate in this game on holidays, especially on Chinese New Year. This game has a random play, similar to Western Roulette. Currently this product is available at the Lixi88 dealer, you can join easily after reviewing the article on how to play crab voting at Lixi88 below poker online w88 .

1: As a betting area, if you want to bet 5,000 cents for a deer, click on box 5 and select Nai. The wager area has the smallest unit of 5 and the highest of 500.

2: The area to select the animal to bet.

3: Re-bet, that is, you can reset the previous bet. If you are betting for the first time, you cannot use this function keno w88 .

4: Clear bet, if you want to delete all bet boxes and reset from the beginning, you can use this button.

5: After the bet has been placed, click on the Dice box to give the house a bump. Soon the player will have the result.

6: Your coins will be updated continuously here.

Note: The feed rate in this game is 1: 0.96.

Rules game elect crabs fish in Lixi88
The game is equipped with 3 dice, each dice will have 6 sides and print 6 animals such as gourd, crab, shrimp, fish, chicken, deer and an additional frame printed with 6 animals. You bet the right animal on the dice to win w88 line .

Example: If you choose a crab, after the dealer has only one dice showing a crab, you win with a ratio of 1: 0.96, if 2 dice appear a crab, your winnings will be. Duplicate, similar to 3 crabs. In general, the rules of the game are very simple that anyone can catch.

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