Roulette is known to be a game that depends a lot on black and luck. However, to get a high winning rate there is no way. With these tactics, simple Roulette playing tips that Thien Ha Casino (THA Casino) shares right in this article will help you get the most effective way to play, stay tuned!

Bet on color
When participating in the game Roulette, you often have difficulty in choosing colors to bet? Although in this game appears only red and black 2. Thus, the chance of 2 colors appear equally with 50%. Therefore, when betting you should pay attention, only put on a certain color only. With the first you bet a little, and if you win, bet the amount 5 times. This is a trick of playing Roulette that is quite popular and successful, gaining a small profit on the House of Bet Bet.

Bet on numbers
The second trick for playing Roulette that we will tell you is how to bet on numbers. Specifically, in the range between 1-8 and 19-36 players should bet. Its bet is as simple as betting on the colors. Players should only bet once and not too much 2 times on the numbers in the range above poker online .

Place bets on a row
The trick of playing Roulette is to bet according to the line and according to the color, the principle is basically the same. In this game, if the first bet wins, then keep that bet. If it is the first time you lose, then try again and spend the money along with the level that has lost the bet.

If you continue to lose, then double the amount of bet for the next time, by just lucky once with this game, you can get back all that was lost. However, no matter how you play, you cannot avoid the risks. So, be prepared psychologically, take a large amount of capital in exchange for the chance of winning and profit doubled.

Betting outside
Colors: Set red or black, the winning ratio is 1 - 1
Odd / Even parlay: Betting on an odd or even number with a winning ratio of 1 - 1.
Low bets: Bets on the ball will stop at 1 - 18, the winning rate is also 1 - 1.
High bets: Bets stop at around 19 - 3, the win rate is 1 - 1.
Column bet: if the ball is used on a box in the middle of the first column, the odds of winning are 2 -1.
Place a bet inside
Straight bets: Bet on the ball to fall in 1 of 36 even numbers, the winning ratio is 1 - 35 w88 mobile .
Separate bets: Bet on 1 of the 2 numbers that are next to each other in the table will fall in, the winning rate is now 1 - 17.
Sequence / Triple Bet: Bet on 1 of the 3 numbers in a single row with a win rate of 1 - 11.
Betting at right angles: Bet 1 of the 4 numbers will touch the spin, the winning rate will be 1 - 8.
Bet 5 numbers: Bet on cells 0, 1, 2 or 3 will touch the spin, the odds of winning are 1 - 5.
Bet 6 numbers. Bet a sequence of numbers in the next 2 rows will touch the spin, the odds are 1 - 6.
Above are the tips to play Roulette effectively that many people apply the most successfully. This is also the online casino playing experience summarized and shared by longtime players. Apply immediately on the House of Thien Ha Bet to get the most resounding victory!

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