Roulette Online requires players to place their bets on the Roulette table before every spin of the Roulette wheel pokdeng online w88 , which may vary between bets on a single number, bets on several different numbers, bets on an odd or even number and bets on the colour red or black. Once the players’ bets are placed and laid out on the cloth or felt-covered part of the Roulette table, simply known as the ‘layout’, the croupier will spin the Roulette wheel in one direction and a ball in another around a circular track on the outmost part of the wheel. Once the ball loses momentum and falls onto the roulette wheel into one of 37 or 38 number wells (depending on which Roulette version one is playing), it’s time to check the roulette wheel and see which bets have landed a win. It’s a game of chance, with the players only having control over the bets they place before the spin. That’s what makes the game so exhilarating!

What should you know about Online Roulette?
Roulette is a game which is totally based on chance;
Wagers are typically placed before the dealer spins the wheel;
When placing bets you can select groups according to their colour, even and odd numbers or just a few numbers.

Why play Online Roulette?
online rouletteThere are several reasons one would opt to play Roulette online. In fact, there are many Roulette enthusiasts who would much prefer to play online than in a land-based casino. Firstly, playing online is simply more convenient. While land-based casinos are not always within easy reach, online casinos certainly are; at least they are to you if you’re reading this. Indeed, all you need to start playing on a digital roulette wheel is an internet connection. If you have that, you can pretty much play Roulette Online from anywhere. There is an incalculable amount of Roulette Online games designed to be played via mobile devices out there, so should one want to have a quick spin while on the go, it’s simply a matter of using a smartphone or tablet. After all, who would actually bother to choose to play Russian Roulette on a physical roulette table, when they could simply lie back and play on their own beds wearing nothing more than the pajamas their mum got them last Christmas download w88 poker ?

For those of you who are not high-rollers, playing Roulette online enables you to play at a table for as little as a few cents a spin which means that you have the freedom to play as little or as much as you want. The sad reality is that many land based casinos have become all about the money which means that unless you’re willing to put down substantial sums there literally won’t be any place for poor old you at the Roulette table. Indeed, while we’re on the subject of tables, maybe it would be prudent to remind players that while at virtual casinos there will always be a place for them come rain or shine, the same can’t be said if you have to wait around for a place at a table to empty just to be able to put down your money. The reality is that you don’t have to wait for anything or anyone when playing Roulette online:there’s no waiting for the dealer to take bets from others and definitely no waiting for the dealer to make the spin. Simply place your own bets and hit the spin button whenever you’re good and ready. What’s more, if it goes badly for you, you don’t have to slink off into the shadows with shame w88 mobile .

In addition to this, you can play Roulette Online whenever you want. Fancy a cheeky spin in the middle of the night? Go for it! Fancy one in the afternoon? No problem! The wonderful thing about online casinos is they never shut shop and are always within reach. How many times have you sat at a Roulette table and forgotten to hand over your casino card? You literally can’t track your bets and earn comp points without that irksome card! Well, this won’t happen online. Your bets are automatically tracked and there’s no card involved. Want to try out a new Roulette strategy? You can literally pause your games whilst taking notes, recording patterns and checking whether you’re playing the right way all at the click of a button without worrying about anyone giving you funny looks and judging you. Last but not least, you cannot switch to god-mode and be at two places at once can you? Well, when playing Roulette Online, you kind of can. Fancy playing at two Roulette tables at two different casinos simultaneously just because you feel like doing something different and want to increase your chances of winning big in a shorter time? Go right ahead, no one can stop you!

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