The answer has evolved over time, and can therefore be a bit murky. SEM used to encompass both paid search and search engine optimization (SEO). But the definition now predominantly refers to just paid search.

Some would argue, however, that SEM encompasses anything that w88 improves a website’s visibility on search engines, which would include SEO, link building, and more. Publications like Search Engine Land refer to the combination of paid search and SEO as just Search Marketing nowadays. Confusing, we know.

Why has search engine marketing grown exponentially over the past decade?

Because SEM is one of the most effective ways to promote your products and grow your business. By presenting someone an ad that’s directly related to what they’re searching for at the moment of intent, you’re reaching a highly receptive audience. Plus, if done right, it can be very cost-effective.
SEM is also an important part of building brand awareness.

By putting your brand at the top of a search page (whether it’s on Google, Bing, or Yahoo) for specific keywords and search queries, people will begin to think of your brand when they think of the keywords that they’ve searched.

Another reason SEM has become a necessity for digital advertisers, is it gives you quantifiable data on how your ads are performing so that you understand your return on investment (ROI) and can make better informed decisions about your ad withdraw m88.

Now that you get the picture of what benefits SEM can bring your business, let’s quickly denote the difference between SEM and SEO.

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